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Jumping Up

Jumping Up

My dog keeps jumping on me and my guests!

This can usually cause mixed emotions depending on the dog and the person. If you have a little dog, most people feel as though jumping up is cute and adorable but if you have a larger dog then what was cute as a puppy is no longer such a pleasure. Like most dog problems I never instantly blame the dog, I like to know what behaviour the owner is displaying when they come home.

If it’s excitement then your dog will mirror this and return the excitement causing them to jump which is normally the case with guests. The most common story that I hear is the owner works hard to stop there dog jumping and then your hyper friend shows up and instantly gets your dog excited and your hard work is thrown out the window. Look at it from the dogs point of view and then ask yourself, is it me or the dog that’s causing this behaviour?

In some cases the owner has tried many methods to stop this and it turns out that they have a dog jumping because they are living in a dominant state of mind where positive methods will not resolve this. No amount of biscuits or sausages can help you here. If your dog is displaying dominance this will need to be corrected because just like humans, dogs need to learn that there may be a consequence for there actions (might I add,this doesn’t need to be harsh).

If you’re at this point with your dog and feel like you need extra help, I will be happy to assist you. We can change the hierarchy within the home meaning we take the dog from a dominant state of mind and into a follower state of mind. This will help bring harmony and create a more relaxed relationship for all.

Think about it would you let a child be the decision maker in the home? Just like children, dogs need rules to follow for a better way of life.

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