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Hello, my name is Paul Gregson and I am a dog behaviourist.

I learnt most of what I know from reading many books and watching hours and hours of documentaries but above all else I’ve learnt from the dogs themselves, observing and studying their natural behaviour has helped me understand how their minds work and more importantly understanding their language.

Welcome to my website, my name is Paul Gregson and I’m a successful dog trainer/behaviour expert. I would like to tell you a little about myself and how I got into the dog world and why I use the methods that have worked for many of my clients and their dogs.

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by dogs, there traits, behaviours and psychology. I’ve learnt so much over the years from dogs, from a young age dogs were my hobby and interest, growing up I learnt a lot from my father who also shared my love of canines, He would teach me all he knew and revel in showing me certain techniques.

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Dog whispering to me is being able to understand a dog from the other side of a field, I can assess a dog without being near it and read his body language just like another dog would.

This has fascinated many clients especially those who have anxiety about socialising their dogs. I can judge whether a dog is suitable to interact with from a safe distance and help the owner understand this too. This can take time to teach, but worth learning. Most owners don’t even think about the fact that their dog is bilingual, by this I mean…… they grow up in an environment in which they have to learn to understand both dogs and humans.

I believe if we really respect our dogs we should at least learn their language too, surely it’s only fair if we want them to understand what we’re saying, we should take the time to understand them as well.

This upsets me so much when I hear stories like this as I firmly believe all dogs no matter how serious the problem can be helped and usually its simpler than expected. Nearly all behaviour problems are the outcome of an underlying issue, most trainers dive into trying to solve this but don’t take the time to fix what I call the “root cause”, most of the time if we fix the root cause the problem no longer arises meaning problem solved.

It’s my aim when I assess a dog is to work out what’s missing in that particular dog’s life to cause the psychological issue, once a structure is ascertained and put in place and we begin to fulfil the dogs needs balance and harmony will come into effect both for the dog, the owner and the extended family.

As far as my methods go, I take what’s known as a balanced approach, unlike some trainers I work with any dog no matter the breed, size or problem. Believe me I’ve seen it all. Unlike some, I’m passionate that all dogs can be helped. I have had many clients that have spent thousands of pounds on other trainers and have seen no results or change and by the time they contact me, they are at their wits end. Many of these clients have seen a change on the first day with my help.

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I use absolute minimal correction when possible, if a behaviour can be changed using reward based training then I will use this method. In reality as a balanced trainer I give the dog what it needs first then building trust with the dog and owner from the offset. I also work with dogs that others have sadly given up on and even suggest euthanasia, (I would never recommend this).

Who am I when I’m not training dogs

I’m a husband to my beautiful wife Hayley, and a father to my daughter Taiahna and son Archie. Both of which have always been very keen to get involved in my work when possible, they especially love to come to the farm where I do lots of my training and rehabilitation work with some of my clients and their dogs.

my son even though he is only five has obedience training almost to a tee also Hayley and I are now very pleased because in a few short months we will be having another baby girl.

In Our family we also have 3 dogs which we love dearly, Marnie is our playful but calm bulldog puppy, Chino our 2-year-old Amstaff, who is an absolute diamond and not only has he been raised to be a balanced dog by myself he has also had intensive training as a family protection dog, then there’s Ripper our retired 12 yr. old Staffordshire bullterrier. These dogs are my personal dogs but from time to time you may see me with more as I also rescue, rehabilitate and rehome dogs.

My family mean everything to me and I wouldn’t be who or where I am today without the support of my wife and children. When I’m not working I enjoy nothing more than spending time with my wife, children and dogs. As far as hobbies go not much has changed, you guessed it “dogs”, whether I’m learning more or just watching something interesting for entertainment dogs are simply my passion.

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