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Dog Aggression

Dog to Dog Aggression

Dog to dog aggression or dog reactivity is one of my most common enquiries, it’s an all too common scene. Imagine you’re walking your dog and all is fine then out of nowhere someone with their dog appears and all of a sudden your loving dog switches to barking, lunging and possibly redirecting its aggression by biting the lead. You’re now left feeling very embarrassed, frustrated and completely stumped on the best way to fix this.

Worry not fellow dog owner, help is here.


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I Will Never Turn A Dog Down

Believe it or not but most of the time solving this problem can be easier than you think. There are rare occasions when the dog has reached the point of the “red zone” but this really is rare. Even if it may look like a serious problem, sometimes a few simple changes in the structure of the walk can completely change your dogs state of mind. This new routine followed with consistency may be the answer you have been looking for. When it comes to any dog problem, education for the dog owner really is so important. No dog – regardless of breed or gender was born to be aggressive and nor do they want to be.

“Remember your dogs not giving you a hard time its also having a hard time”

I am often able to resolve this issue in just one session so call or text 02380 394 805 for further advice.

Dog To Human Aggression

Why is my dog aggressive towards humans? To answer this question there are many factors that need to be considered such as: is your dog displaying these behaviours in the home but not on the walk? Is your dog displaying these behaviours towards people on bikes , motorcycles or electric wheelchairs?

The scenario can be different for every owner but it’s very important that this problem is addressed before it’s too late. The problem needs to be assessed and rehabilitation should begin immediately. I take any dog aggression cases seriously and I never judge the owner. I’m here to help both you and the dog and respect your decision to be responsible and ask for help. I am passionate about helping dogs and enjoy helping people just as much.

How Can I Solve This Myself?
My answer is don’t. Aggression is a serious problem and should only be solved with the help of a professional dog behaviourist. If you’re unsure of how to solve this NO amount of how to videos on YouTube will help you. Learning how to stop pulling on the lead is one thing but when it comes to aggression I recommend you seek professional help.

I’m here for you and your dog and will make it as easy as possible to resolve this problem, contact me on 02380 394 805 for further advice.

"Helping dogs with people problems"

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