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Excessive Barking

Excessive Barking

If your dog is constantly barking this can be very frustrating for even the most patient of people. Try not to forget that this type of behaviour isn’t natural for a dog and you need to take into consideration that he or she is just as frustrated, probably more so. I’ve dealt with this many times and in one case the dog had been barking excessively for 6 years!

I’ve found that over the years excessive barking is usually caused because of one of two reasons (sometimes both). The dog isn’t getting the exercise it needs and will use barking as a way to release frustration and shake off layers of toxic energy.

Remember I will not judge you I am here to help. There might be a reason why you can’t exercise your dog as much as you would like and I have plenty of tips to resolve this.


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Not Just A Lack Of Exercise

The other common reason that dogs will bark excessively is because nobody has taught it not to bark excessively or even how many times that the dog is allowed to bark. You may have tried shouting but this will not work with a dog. In order to communicate to a dog correctly you need to understand their language. Dogs communicate through energy and body language, the bark itself can have many different meanings but it’s not there first choice of communication. Next time you’re at the field with your dog watch how they are around each other, you may see one running around like a bull in a china shop and this would be an excited energy. You may see the dog that calmly walks around with his head up and chest out, his energy is calm and his body language is dominant.

If your dog is excessively barking call or text 02380 394 805 and we can discuss any issues you may have.

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