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Safe Practice With Children

Safe Practice With Children

I’m worried about leaving my dog around other children!

As a father of three children, teaching safe practice for dogs around children is one that lies close to my heart. You will hear all too often some of the horror stories on the news and in the papers of dog bites and attacks on children. I have mixed views on these stories as the whole story is never told. Blaming specific breeds really upsets me, no matter what your concerns are or what breed you have please don’t hesitate to contact me on 02380 394 805. I can assess your dog and help you to create a safe way of life for the family.

Whether its a new born baby, toddler or a teenager – our children and our dogs are very important to us and we wouldn’t wish harm on either.

I cannot stress this enough, if you have any doubts or concerns for your dogs behaviour around children or you just want to be sure your doing everything correctly get it touch today by either calling or texting 02380 394 805 and we will discuss any concerns.

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