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Dog Training vs Dog Psychology

Dog Training vs Dog Psychology

For the average dog owner this may be a concept that you haven’t considered. You may be looking for help with your dog and want to find the right help from a professional dog trainer or dog behaviourist. Are they a nice person? Are they the right trainer for my dog? An even more important question to ask though – is this form of training right for the issues I’m having?

So whats the difference?

If you take the time to look at dog training you will notice that it primarily consists of the dog owner wants to train their dog without considering the needs of the dog.

“I want my dog to sit” or ” I want my dog to lay down”

It’s a concept that doesn’t seem to consider the needs of a dog. Now don’t get me wrong these behaviours can help from time to time but to me its all a little one sided.

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When I rescue a dog that may have had a terrible life so far and has had various issues, my concerns aren’t whether the dog can sit, stay or give me it’s paw, my first concern is what does this dog need?

It’s very likely that it has behavioural issues because their previous owner did not understand dog psychology and what it needs to be happy and fulfilled. Even the best trained dogs in the world can have behaviour problems if their needs are not completely fulfilled.

This is why before any kind of dog training begins, I always ensure the human and their dog have a balanced relationship. I teach the owner dog psychology to achieve this. If you give a dog what it needs and learn their language then you have a far better chance of your dog doing what you want. If your reading this and are like many of my clients then you have probably tried watching endless amounts of dog training videos and researching online only to find that they all contradict each other. This is because dog training starts with the owner first and our psychology is not only complicated but wired to doubt and disagree with one another.

This gets very confusing when you want the best for your dog and if you’re confused, your dog will be too.

I practice dog psychology because to me it makes sense. You wouldn’t go and buy a hippo without learning about that species, you wouldn’t ask a hippo to sit or lay down but for some reason, over the years we have domesticated our dogs so much that we have become disconnected with there needs. We treat them like humans or think that there minds work just like ours. Let me tell you, they don’t. They are a simple species with simple needs. They need food shelter and water, what they want is stimulation for the body, mind and heart.

Getting over dog problems most of the time means using their psychology to create a balance. Unfortunately residential dog training or puppy classes at the local village hall will not create a well behaved dog and this is why certain trainers in these environments will ask a dog to leave as their methods won’t work.

Before you ask your dog to do what you want you have to ask yourself this: am giving my dog what it needs?

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