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Pulling On The Lead

Pulling On The Lead


How do I stop my dog pulling on the lead?

A more important question should be: why is my dog pulling on the lead?

Dogs pull on the lead for many reasons. They want to run instead of walk, chase a squirrel or their nose is always on the ground which means that they’re not with you mentally! There really are lots of reasons why dogs pull on the lead but most common of all is that the dog is in an excited state of mind.

The dog pulls you then you pull it back and this just repeats itself. Once you understand how to communicate properly to your dog with the lead, even the biggest and most powerful dogs can walk nicely.

I get results quickly this way without the need to take your dog away for “residential training”. Once you (the owner) understand why and “how to” you’re instantly on a new walk with your dog without expensive residential training or doggy boot camp!

“teach the owner to lead, and the dog will follow”

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