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My career began unknowingly 13 years ago when I began rescuing and fostering dogs in need which then lead to me reigniting a passion which began as a child.

Whilst having dogs in rescue as you can imagine many had behaviour issues, its common for rescue dogs to be returned due to these problems so I began working with them in order to train and rehabilitate these issues before moving into a family home. Moving forward it became very clear to me that although I had put a lot of effort into rehabilitation the new owners were making the same mistakes that the dogs first owners had made which would mean the dogs can easily revert back.

This then led to me not just rehabilitating dogs but also training people, this would include the family adopting rescue dogs and the other foster carers. My approach has always been straight from the heart to help the dogs to live a happy balanced life. My aim is to share my knowledge in dog psychology to fulfil their needs to create not just a well trained dog but more importantly a well balanced dog creating harmony for all.

I dedicate my entire life and career to my work - and I couldn't be prouder.


Nick has spent the last four years heavily involved with dog behaviour work, his passion is for helping dogs to have better lives.

It was his own dogs that first got him interested in behaviour and then he started helping at a German Shepherd rescue where he expanded his skills with some very troubled dogs. This was more fulfilling than his day job so he gave that up to become a fulltime behaviourist.

Nick has since spent a lot of time over the last 2 years shadowing with Paul and is now on the road as a leading behaviourist helping many owners with their dogs behavioural issues.

Nicks' speciality is dog reactivity but covers a very wide range of dog related problems.

"Helping dogs with people problems"

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