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Dog Training Sessions

Dog Training Sessions

We have developed a three stage program to deal with any behavioural issues you may have with your dog. These include the following:

  • Aggression Issues
  • Dog Bite Prevention
  • Property Damage
  • Anxiety Issues
  • Excessive Barking
  • Full Range Of Other Behavioural Issues


Stage one 
An initial assessment will be carried out so that we can build a in depth picture of the challenges that you are facing with your dog. This an opportunity for you to disclose the effects of the behaviour on you and your relationship with your dog and the ways it effects your life. By meeting both dog and owner and seeing the problem it will help us understand how we are going to set up the practical session to provide the best solution for you and your pet. We will talk you through the causes, methods and solutions that will be used to resolve the issue.

Stage two
Practical session
This is the stage were you will witness dramatic changes in your dogs behaviour as we work with the dog and you the owner. This will be the start point of you gaining a better understanding of the causes of the dog behavioural issues and how to implement changes. By looking at this from a holistic perspective we look at all areas that will effect your dogs behavioural issues and find a lasting solution. We will start you on the road to a deeper and more enjoyable relationship with your dog .

Stage three
Group Work Shop
At the work shop you will gain a deeper understanding of how to communicate  effectively with your dog and identify triggers. It will be a safe place for you to apply what you have learnt from the practical session in a group setting, make friends and share your experiences. You will be supported through this whole process and beyond.
We are passionate about dogs and their owners. Our aim is to enlighten dog owners to all the areas that can effect the relationship they can have with your dog. We want this to be the most rewarding fulfilling experience that you can have. One that builds a mutual trust and respect between owner and pet. We will walk you through the process from initial enquiry through to the work shop and beyond as we run educational and after care programs that you will be welcome to sign up to.
The cost of the three stage program is £450 inclusive and will allow you the joy of reconnecting with your dog and building a stronger more rewarding and enjoyable relationship than you have had before.

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I cover all areas along the South of England ranging from areas such as Bournemouth, Southampton, Winchester, Portsmouth, Brighton, Worthing and even the whole of London.

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